Time To Wake Up – Beautiful Mess, Track 1


Beautiful Mess – 01.14.2022 – Digital Release Preview Countdown – Day 1 – “Time to Wake Up” #earlychildhoodeducation #kindiemusic #edutainment #childrensmusic

♬ original sound – Mr. Matty’s World

Here’s the preview for the opening track of “Beautiful Mess,” my new album available 01.14.2022. Each day leading up to the release date, I’ll be posting a little video companion for each track on the album that will give some insight to why it made it onto my first full-length album.

Time to Wake Up is how so many mornings in our family’s home begin. Getting woken up to go out and be a part of the day. When mornings seem difficult, it’s good to be reminded that soon, all the hustle and bustle will grow up.

I’m so excited to share this album with you.