Meet Mr. Matty

Why We Create

“Edutainer” Mr. Matty creates music, videos and experiences for kiddos that their grownups want to have on their family playlists and to-do lists. Years of entertaining coupled with experience as an early childhood education professional, Matthew Walberg (Mr. Matty’s World) has devoted his creative endeavors to enriching the lives of children across the globe, advocating for teacher and student rights, as well as providing original songs to rock out to at birthdays or impromptu dance parties, or classic songs to sing-a-long with on road trips.

Above all, Mr. Matty is here to spread his philosophy that everyone is love and loved. Everyone has the right to be positive. Every little thing is gonna be alright. Today we have everything we need.

You are love(d)

Mr. Matty’s World is committed to creating a safe, inclusive, motivating, supportive and informative experience that will bring as much joy as it brings Mr. Matty. Every human, be they child or grown-up, deserves to be loved and is capable of bringing love into the world. We are all here to listen to each other and make sure no harm is done to the world around us. We can’t wait to keep sharing with you.

We Love hearing feedback as to how Mr. Matty’s World can better serve your community, school, place of worship and your own imagined world. Email us at with any comments or suggestions you may have.

Remember. We’re all in this together!

Meet Mr. Matty

Mr. Matty’s World begins with the imaginateer/edutainer behind the magic, Matt Walberg, better known in this world as Mr. Matty.