Beautiful Mess Album Cover


This Year’s Best Children’s Album Has Grown-Ups in Mind: ‘Mr. Matty’s World, Beautiful Mess’ Available on All Platforms January 14, 2022. •••

Nashville children’s entertainer, Mr. Matty’s World is excited to announce the release of the debut album, Beautiful Mess, available digitally worldwide on Friday, January 14, 2022.

This “designed for the whole family” album features 14 songs, mixing traditional childhood favorites as well as original compositions with the very young and creative in mind.

‘Beautiful Mess’ is accessible to older siblings with some grownups likely to sneak songs from the album onto their own playlists to listen to even when the kiddos aren’t around.

Matthew Walberg, also known as Mr. Matty, has composed, produced, and engineered this debut album for Mr. Matty’s World. The long-time Nashvillian and family “edutainer” is equipped with years of entertainment experience and has dedicated time in the field of early childhood education.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr Matty quickly took to the virtual space in the Spring of 2020 to create a weekly live series of videos and provided educational entertainment for families isolated at home for the first time. This series, along with music videos and short messages of motivation for children, can be found on the Mr. Matty’s World robust Youtube channel.

No stranger to the world of entertainment, both of Walberg’s parents spent time working in the entertainment industry. His mother spent nearly a decade as a lead figure skater in the 1970s Ice Follies cast, and his father, most notably, was a music producer who worked closely with Jim Henson for his live productions.

Beautiful Mess is available Friday, January 14 on all major streaming platforms. The album can also be streamed at:

(DIRECT LINK TO BEAUTIFUL MESS LYRIC VIDEO: Beautiful Mess (LYRIC VIDEO) • Mr. Matty’s World • Music for Kids )

The track list for the album featuring the ready-for-airplay title track Beautiful Mess includes:

  1. Time to Wake Up
  2. Good Morning to You
  3. Green Grass Grew All Around
  4. Beautiful Mess (Single)
  5. Two Minute Tidy Up
  6. I’ve Got a Face Mask
  7. Open, Shut Them
  8. Clapping My Hands
  9. What the Hokey Pokey
  10. Five Little Monkeys
  11. Positive Mental Attitude (the P.M.A. Song)
  12. Head and Shoulders, Baby
  13. Mail Myself to You
  14. You’re Gonna Fall Down

For more information or interview opportunities, Mr. Matty can be contacted at
Matthew Walberg | (615) 294-7274 |