Beautiful Mess – TikTok Album Preview Compilation

For fourteen days leading up to the release of Mr. Matty’s World album “Beautiful Mess,” a unique promo trailer was made for each of the tracks on the album. It gave a preview to unreleased material, some inspiration behind the music, or just some fun related to the songs.

Listen to the full album “Beautiful Mess” available on music platforms worldwide.

Here are all of the “snippets” from each of the posts made each day leading up to the release:

TRACK 1 • “Time to Wake Up” is how so many mornings in our family’s home begin. Getting woken up to go out and be a part of the day. When mornings seem difficult, it’s good to be reminded that soon, all the hustle and bustle will grow up.

TRACK 2 • “Good Morning to You” is a traditional song that has been rearranged in the deep space of my childhood all the way to being a parent. What a way to start a new day.

TRACK 3 • “Green Grass Grew All Around!!!” To celebrate, I made a new “Moving with Mr. Matty” dance-a-long video that I think you’re gonna just LOVE!!! You can watch the full video on my YouTube channel made just for kiddos and their fams.

TRACK 4 • “Beautiful Mess.” The toys! The stuff! The MESS!!! With all of the chaos that may find its way into our homes, know that every mess is a blessing disguised as a little child who will someday take their messes with them. Enjoy the clutter while it’s still here.

TRACK 5 • “Two Minute Tidy Up.” Does cleaning up make anyone else dizzy? Who doesn’t love a good clean up anthem? Move over Barney. The “clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere is about to be dethroned!

TRACK 6 • “I’ve Got A Face Mask.” Even though we are running around and going to school with masks on, there are still plenty of ways to let people know we are smiling. Wry grateful for the doctors, nurses, teachers, clerks, custodians, and other essential workers who are helping make the world a better, safer, healthier place. I hope you’re smiling today!

TRACK 7 • Mr. Matty has another awesome music video for kiddos to dance and sing along to! Who knows the children’s classic play-a-long song “Open, Shut Them?” Mr. Matty turns it into a new anthem on the album Beautiful Mess. You don’t have to be a kiddo to get grooving in Mr. Matty’s World. This is one of Mr. Matty’s favorite songs to perform with kids in a classroom or a stage. Does anyone else think this attention is going to Mr. Matty’s head?

TRACK 8 • “Clapping My Hands” is track 8 on Beautiful Mess. This is a song/gross-motor exercise I created for children I was teaching in a preschool which is actually quite an awesome exercise for adults, too! Give it a try with the whole family.

TRACK 9 • “What the Hokey Pokey.” What if the hokey pokey really is what it’s all about?

TRACK 10 • “Five Little Monkeys.” No more monkeys jumping on the bed!!!

TRACK 11 • “Positive Mental Attitude (The P.M.A. Song)” Track 11 on Beautiful Mess is the one anthem I want every listener to adopt as their own. It’s the P.M.A. Song, officially titled Positive Mental Attitude. Every time I hear it, I like it more and more. I hope it has the same effect on you.

TRACK 12 • “Head and Shoulders, Baby” is a song I first heard Ella Jenkins perform on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. I absolutely love it! It’s a great song to sing and engage kiddos with. Also a fun exercise for adults.

TRACK 13 • “Mail Myself To You.” Beautiful Mess will be released tomorrow, 01.14.2022. The only thing that would make me happier about it is if I could wrap myself up in paper, daub myself with glue, put some stamps on the top of my head and mail myself to you so we could listen to it together. This is a Pete Seeger song that Woody Guthrie made popular, followed by the incredible arrangement by John McCutcheon (If you haven’t heard this version, I highly recommend giving it a listen). I had an amazing teacher I worked with who told me to check the song out a few years ago. It was one of those songs that I loved from the moment I heard it. I knew Mr. Matty needed to give it a go.

TRACK 14 • “You’re Gonna Fall Down.” The final track on Beautiful Mess is the first song I ever wrote for my daughter, Dolly. “You’re Gonna Fall Down” is the lullaby that brings the album to an end.

I hope you Love this album as much as I do.

– Mr. Matty