When it comes to integration of the following topics, it can be done in a variety of ways. One or two specific topics presented over a course of an hour-long in-service workshop, or a “self-care curious” educator focus group meeting weekly/monthly that stays with one topic for an extended period of time. I could also be used as an O.T. “floater” who can help with more specific needs of the program, helping integrate a more concentrated focus on the overall wellness of the school’s teachers and administration. Again, no two programs are the same. I am here to help make it work for you!

Here are some of the topics we discussed in our meeting that I think would be great areas of focus to begin with:

Teachers Know Squat! – (WS/FG) Challenge almost any young child to a “squatting” competition and most adult educators would, well, lose. Some by a huge margin. What begins as a very basic human function as a child, one’s ability to squat is often lost by adulthood. This aspect of Mr. Matty’s educator self-excellence focuses on the importance of core health and hip flexor maintenance, all centered around the basic squat. Pulling from many influences, practices and philosophies from around the world and dating back as far as ancient times, Mr. Matty can help re-acquaint many with their long lost squat. 

  • Classroom and playground application techniques to incorporate core health into daily routines and curriculum. 
  • Encouragement of physical engagement in a child’s plane of play. 
  • Exercise while you educate.

The ECE Decathlon – (WS/FG/OT) There are lots of “What if’s?” in the world of early child education. Many of these become real events that require educators to complete certain tasks that require a certain level of fitness and mobility. This workshop focuses on getting educators equipped to complete/compete in the “ECE Decathlon,” 10 acts of fitness that equate to events common in preschools. Each movement can be attained through scalable exercises and classroom implementation that can help create a group of educators that align more with the athletes they truly are. Programs who participate in the ECE Decathlon Program are eligible to schedule a Mr. Matty’s World “Educator Field Day-cathlon” party for your educators, students and families. This can be a great opportunity to pair with a school fundraiser. Please contact for booking and information.

Here are the ten movements associated with the ECE Decathlon

  • Holding a full squat position for 10 seconds
  • laying down (front and back) and getting up quickly 
  • lifting children (30 lbs) properly from squat
  • Carry child (30 lbs) across campus
  • Jump (both feet off ground)
  • catching a tennis ball
  • touch your toes
  • Sustain a run pace 50 yards
  • hang from bar/tree branch 30 seconds
  • army crawl and back shuffle 10’

They Are What We Eat – (WS/FG/OT) As educators and caregivers, our children see what we consume and put in our bodies on a daily basis. Preschoolers also tend to eat either around a table or in a highchair that puts the caregiver in a direct line of sight with the children. As allowed by some programs, the educators can consume food with their class, giving an ample opportunity to be a “clean eating role-model” to the students. Mr. Matty will walk through simple, strategic ways to turn a classroom into a center of healthy eating habits with the educator as the role-model, in turn, promoting positive eating habits and relationships with food.

  • Simple recipes that put colors on display
  • Save money with simple “ingredient, not meal” prep ideas
  • Food-centric curriculum integration
  • “Lunch Table Talk” coaching and techniques  

The Playground Gym Membership – (WS/FG/OT) Be able to use playground equipment to model usage to students and create a daily exercise habit. “Watch and move while they watch you move.” This topic aims to empower educators to be the living and breathing role models for play on your playground. Mr. Matty will educate your staff on exercises and play-based movement techniques that utilize your existing playground equipment to create an “educators are athletes” subculture within your school. It’s also a great way to show our children what an active adult looks like. Modeling, assisting, scaffolding and “risky play” will be explored in the process of encouraging educators to be active and present on the playground.

Teacher Connection – (FG) Support/focus group for educators who aspire for self-excellence, healthy professional development and setting the tone in their “wellness” classrooms. Open group that progresses through topics provided by Mr. Matty as well as “pot-luck” topics presented and explored by faculty. With decades of self-care knowledge and experience, Mr. Matty helps educators dive deep into the issues that will help create a school subculture of educators who care for themselves as well as they care for their children.

Here are the various implementation options I think would be the most applicable to your program.

In-Service Workshop (WS) – 30-60 minute presentation

After Hours Focus Group (FG) – 60 minute session

In-Class Occupational Therapy (OT)

If any of these price options do not work within your program’s budget, I am happy to discuss further options to work within your given resources.

I believe there is always a way I can be of service to children and educators. I’d love to make available my knowledge, positivity and passion to the educator culture at your school. Let me know if you’d like to get a date on the calendar or if you have any further questions regarding my services.

Matthew “Mr. Matty” Walberg