I’ve Got A Face Mask – New Song From Mr. Matty’s World

Kiddos have been seeing a lot more face masks on the grownups in their lives. Some kiddos have even been wearing face masks themselves. Even though our faces have been covered as of late, Mr. Matty wants to reassure everyone that there are plenty of ways we can still show the world that we have a smile on underneath!

If there has ever been a time in recorded human history where we can see how everyone’s decisions affects the world around us, it’s now. Mr. Matty’s World wants to encourage everyone, everywhere, to keep finding ways to “be something kind” and to keep in your heart and mind that we are in this together. We are looking forward to the time that we can look back on this historical event and take with us the new considerations that it takes to have a healthy, happy planet.

Fun for little ‘uns all the way to grown ups, “I’ve Got A Face Mask” is the good kind of catchy.