Oh! What A Beautiful Monday “MLK Day” • January 18, 2021

Oh! What a beautiful Monday!

A very special Monday, indeed! We’re celebrating MLK Day here in the states, which is honoring the life and legacy of the great civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..

In this installment of our beginning of the week kick-off, we’re using our three questions (What are we grateful for? What would make today great? I am…?) to honor the life of Dr. King. You can choose whatever answers you would like for your day/week ahead, or you can use my MLK inspired ideas.

OWABMonday is a weekly series by Mr. Matty’s World that helps remind us how AWESOME MONDAY’S ARE!!! Whether you are a kiddo or a grownup, everyone can find a source of inspiration to aim for a great week ahead!