OWABM 1.11.2021

Oh! What a Beautiful Monday • January 11, 2021

Oh! What a beautiful Monday!

With so much negative stigma associated with Mondays, it’s time to find reasons to celebrate the start of another beautiful week! I’m planning on releasing quick little Monday morning videos that will cover the following:

• Songs – some new, some familiar

• Something we’re grateful for

• Something we can do to make today great

• An affirmation or “anchor word”

It’s basically a kiddo’s version of the #fiveminutejournal and a great self-practice that can be beneficial into adulthood. Even if a child is too young to grasp the concepts, they are wonderful words they can start hearing at any age.

I hope you enjoy and follow along with an open heart and a joyful mind!

Oh, what a beautiful Monday
The start of a beautiful week
I’m confident and positive
And grateful that indeed
Today I have everything I need