OWABM 02152021

Oh! What A Beautiful Monday “President’s Day” • 02.15.2021

President’s Day! Hooray for George Washington and hooray for Mondays!

We can always start the week off with a positive mental attitude to carry us through all of the joy we may find, and for many of us, that joy is a day off of school to observe the birthday of our nation’s first president, General George Washington.

Had to sing a little bit of “Yankee Doodle” to mark the occasion and ending today’s visit with my own take on “This Land Is Your Land.”

Here are my answers for the three questions we ask ourselves every Monday:

I am GRATEFUL for people who make important decisions in our lives, like the President and other leaders.

I will make today GREAT by learning something new about George Washington.

Our AFFIRMATION , why, the Pledge of Allegiance!

Hoping you have a great start to the unfolding of another great week in adventure of your great life!

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Thanks for watching and being a part of the start of another beautiful week!

Oh, what a beautiful Monday!

With so much negative stigma associated with Mondays,  it’s time to find reasons to celebrate the start of another beautiful week! I’m planning on releasing quick little Monday morning videos that will cover the following:

• Songs
• Something we’re grateful for
• Something we can do to make today great
• An affirmation

It’s basically a kiddo’s version of the #fiveminutejournal and a great self-practice that can be beneficial into adulthood. Even if a child is too young to grasp the concepts, they are wonderful words they can start hearing at any age.

I hope you enjoy and follow along with an open heart and a joyful mind!

Oh, what a beautiful Monday
The start of a beautiful week
I’m confident and positive
And grateful that indeed
Today I have everything I need