Oh! What A Beautiful Monday • “Teacher Appreciation Week”

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!!! Taking this OWABM to thank the amazing teachers I have had in my life as well as the millions of teachers across the globe who make a difference in people’s lives. Teachers not only educate, but they nurture, encourage, support, and love their students as well as their families and their community.

It has been an amazing time in my life turning my creative focus towards early childhood education. I’m hoping that the knowledge and wisdom that has been imparted to me by some pretty spectacular teachers only adds value to your life as well as your family’s.

I hope everyone can take the time this week to reach out to teachers, past and present, to let them know how much they have meant to you and your family.

Here are my answers for the three questions we asked ourselves today:

I am GRATEFUL the amazing teachers of the world.

I will make today GREAT by finding ways to further my education.

Today’s AFFIRMATION, each one, teach one.

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Thanks for watching and being a part of the start of another beautiful week!