OWABM 3_1_2021

Oh! What A Beautiful Monday ‘World Compliment Day’ 3.1.2021

Wake up! Wake up! It’s the first of the month!!!

Happy March, everyone! Spring is around the corner which gets me pumped for warmer weather ahead. You know what else I gets pumped about? Peanut Butter!!! What sends me over the top? NATIONAL PEANUT BUTTER LOVERS DAY!!! Talk about an awesomely strong food, PB is the jam, as far as I’m concerned.

It’s also “World Compliment Day.” We’re gonna talk about how we can use our kind and powerful words to lift each other up and support whatever it is we may be working on.

So, here are my answers for the three questions we ask ourselves every Monday:

I am GRATEFUL for peanut butter and all of the amazing things you can eat it on.

I will MAKE TODAY GREAT by giving someone or lots of people compliments.

Our AFFIRMATION, I am worthy of the compliments I receive.

Music this week, Harry Belafonte’s ‘We Come From The Fire’ and a special hygiene edition of The Mr. Matty’s World song ‘Clapping My Hands.’

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Thanks for watching and being a part of the start of another beautiful week!